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Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and sunning on Cococay, a private island that Royal Caribbean has reserved just for you! Do a little shopping at the Straw Market or just relax in the sun on the white sandy beaches and in the azure waters that you only find in the Bahamas. Go snorkeling, scuba diving, cruising by banana boat, or try parasailing! This island was built for you.

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by martha4god

Hope this might help anyone considering renting a bungalow at CocoCay Bahamas. I know I had a lot of questions before I rented and couldn’t find much. So here it is. We rented a Bungalow at Coco Cay, Bahamas. It was beautiful! The bungalows are perfect choice for a family with little ones or elderly person. The bungalows are at the private beach and end of the island and you are driven there so you do not have to worry about walking there even though you can if you want to. The bungalows are clean, confortable, white curtains, lovely lounge furniture and pillows, towels, 2 lounge chairs, 2 floating mats, cooler with ice which they refilled throughout the day for us and large bottled Evian water. They left a form and reservation confirmation in our room on the 1st day so we could choose our bungalow site on the map and our lunch menu. You can choose up to 3things per guest. When you arrive to the island after being tendered from the ship, you are driven to the reservation desk to check in and you choose what time you would like them to bring you your lunch. The menu was not as good as the main food buffet in the front of the island but that is ok because my husband did not like the food we were brought so he was driven by gulf cart to the front of the island and just brought back as much food as he wanted for all of us. So much food, ribs, seafood rice, etc.... They checked on us all day long to make sure we were happy. They would bring us our beverages and drinks as many as we wanted. They were so polite and service was great. The water was beautiful, the sun shining was amazing so it was nice to have a confortable shade to go to for our grandson. He and his daddy had a great time building castles and getting buried in the sand next to our bungalow under the palm trees. The bathrooms and showers were right behind our bungalow. This is definitely the way to go at CocoCay.


by pokylittlepuppy

Got to visit Coco cay on the march 25-28 Majesty cruise.... and it was the highlight of the trip! The weather was perfect, the BBQ food was awesome ( I have had better ribs though). I recommend bringing some water bottles, getting there early, then walk to the water and turn right... keep going past the water bar, past the cabanas... keep going... then wham! Your own cove with 2 beach chairs, just waiting for you! Actually felt kinda guilty at first, like some one was going to come over and say, "HEY, you can't be here!!". Saw a live starfish, conch, iguana ate our banana peel, snorkeled.... paradise for a day!!


by Lillcruiser

Absolutely loved this day! Beautiful beach! We had brought our own snorkel equipment so we didn’t have to worry about that. We took the first boat off of the ship and had our choice of spots. We found a great location with plenty of shade. The buffet was plentiful! So much fresh fruit which was refreshing in the heat. We opted for Gyro’s for lunch. It was a nice change and very tasty. The kids thought the chickens and iguanas on the island were great. We snorkeled our to the sunken airplane and it was truly worth the swim. My kids (16, 12, and 11) did the floating waterpark excursion. I was worried that it was only an hour long and that they’d be disappointed in it. I couldn’t have been more wrong! They LOVED it. It’s also a lot of work to climb all of it again and again so one hour turned out to be the perfect amount of time. I know they are building a dock here and that’s a great idea so more ships don’t have to miss this stop, but there is truly something magnificent about seeing your huge ship just sitting in the middle of the ocean as you travel back to it on the boat.


by KRBFleming

Our favorite port! In my opinion it is worth spending the money to rent a beach bungalow or something similar. Though it’s not necessary since there are plenty of loungers for free, renting something or booking an excursion gives you priority tendering. As a result, we were one of the first off the ship and had our beach bungalow area and beach almost entirely to ourselves for over an hour in the morning. The water was clearest at that time and we saw many fish with our snorkel gear we brought. It is also very shallow and no waves at that end of the beach so we felt safe letting the kids play in the water. The beach bungalow provided us with plenty of shade as well as lunch delivered (no waiting in lines), 4 liters of water in a cooler, along with 2 loungers and 2 floating mats. It is also a less crowded beach and close to the floating bar. We enjoyed it all! I hope the new pier and major renovations they are planning doesn’t ruin the tranquility of this wonderful island!


by chickiemama

We rented an umbrella and found seats on the beach. We sat in the area of the dance party. We did not actually get up to participate. Either too tired or just interested in the water. We were in the open swim area near the inflatable water activities. We were facinated to see 2 sharks and some stingrays. At first that seemed scary, but we were in awe and took pictures. That made the adventure so much more memorable and worthwhile. We also saw the chickens and iguanas and all the beautiful birds. The food buffet had an amazing selection of food and all was delicious.

Visited: Jun 18, 2018

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