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Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and sunning on Cococay, a private island that Royal Caribbean has reserved just for you! Do a little shopping at the Straw Market or just relax in the sun on the white sandy beaches and in the azure waters that you only find in the Bahamas. Go snorkeling, scuba diving, cruising by banana boat, or try parasailing! This island was built for you.

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Got to visit Coco cay on the march 25-28 Majesty cruise.... and it was the highlight of the trip! The weather was perfect, the BBQ food was awesome ( I have had better ribs though). I recommend bringing some water bottles, getting there early, then walk to the water and turn right... keep going past the water bar, past the cabanas... keep going... then wham! Your own cove with 2 beach chairs, just waiting for you! Actually felt kinda guilty at first, like some one was going to come over and say, "HEY, you can't be here!!". Saw a live starfish, conch, iguana ate our banana peel, snorkeled.... paradise for a day!!


The island was adorable and I was really surprised that no one mentioned the little free roaming chickens! It was fun. I got a pineapple to drink out of, played giant jenga, swam, played with the kids. Loved the tender. The water is so so so blue. Like it's not even real!


Go right when you get on the island. We went left and sat in a very crowded area. Later we walked down the beach and found lots of chairs,less crowds and beautiful beach.


Coco Cay is AMAZING! What a place! Gorgeous beaches, I did the stingray excursion! Great fun! I’ve been lucky enough to dock here twice now and it’s just a great day!

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