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About Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, the heart of French Canada, is a city full of wonders. The downtown is a mixture of modern towers and Victorian architecture. Visit any of the area's countless museums. Shop on St. Catherine Street and Sherbrooke Street West. The Old Port and Old Montreal are located between the river and city center, and boast an array of museums, boutiques, and sidewalk cafes.

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Rainy day for us. Port was under renovation so we had to board at temporary site which was congested & took a long time. Cab driver said that next year when port is moved back to Old Town, that passengers usually arrive early morning & explore the area until time to board.

Visited: Aug 13, 2016

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Either go an extra extra day early or stay a couple of extra days. Lots to do and old Montreal was so alive. Great for families, historians, young and old.

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