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The Saguenay fjords are beautiful! There's a hike up the mountain close to the port that allows to experience the views w/o having to go to the national park. While the port is Quant, they had an adorable reception I've never experienced before w/ locals.


It was a very nice welcoming port with lots of interesting things about the way things used to be. Adults and children dressed in period costumes, indian costume with a TP, fire pit, wood cutting, blueberry slices of pie and warm maple syrup suckers that they handed out. Really enjoyed getting off at this port. The small shopping area was of very nice quality items. Lots of unique crafts. Not much of a downtown area or shopping. We wanted to do something on our own but they were not prepared for lots of people. The tour, rental cars and taxis were sold out. They had a hop on hop off bus but it didn't have many stops and most were to museums that had a charge of 12 -15 dollars each.

Visited: Sep 28, 2018

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