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Prince Rupert is on the northwest coast of British Columbia. The area features plentiful shopping, restaurants, arts, cultural attractions, and a rich history. The abundant wildlife and pristine wilderness are attractive as well. Catch a salmon. Walk the waterfront. Visit the museums and Performing Arts Center. Go whale watching.

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by BunnieBear

Not a review as such, as I haven't been yet, but just wanted people who will be in port on 1st October 2017 to know that I made enquiries and the cannery will be opening for the final cruise visitors that day, rather than closing on 30th September as their website states and the local buses will also be running their Sunday schedule. Might be helpful if you're struggling to fill your day.

by PeeleeD

Book the Wildlife and Lighthouse tour. It is not well represented on Norwegians excursion list but it was amazing! The boat is a multimillion dollar, very comfortable boat with huge windows that are ceiling to floor with two indoor levers and 3 outdoor. If you want to see whales, do this one! We saw one whale in the distance and while 5 other boats were rushing toward that one, our captain got word that there was something better 15 minutes away. We saw up close 6 humpback whales bubble net fishing. That is where they make a circle of bubbles to trap the fish and shoot straight up, mouths open to catch them. Breathtaking!

Visited: Aug 20, 2011

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