How to handle rude / aggressive fellow passegers

For the majority of ùs , the purpose of a cruise is to catch up on r&r , recharge our batteries and spend quality time with friends and family. We expect to come out of the entire experience , full of energy and ready to tackle normal life again. However , we may come into contact with individuals onboard who either want to release their pent up frustration ( for whatever reason )or having had one to many alcoholic beverages, more than they can handle. You may unintentionally attract these individuals , due to whatever reason. Their entire focus at this point and time , and in their diminished rational and responsible mode , becomes you. How do you react ?

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Fortunately I have never had this experience. About the worst behavior I have had to deal with is people cutting in lines at the bar or at the elevator.

Never had that problem on board, but on land I just shake my head and walk away.

Except for that time in Louisiana I pulled a gun on them, but they ended up in jail and I did not.

Usually see things like that before they become an issue and find somewhere more pleasant to be. I have no time to have people rain on my vacation

The majority of the time I'd rather get the h out of Dodge...I spent a lot of time in the late 60's doing exactly that...and that was serious stuff..but there are times when backing up or away is either not possible or frosts my genetic makeup to the point where I...just...won't. Some folks have raised the ability to see nothing, do nothing, get involved in nothing, to an art form...Theres a couple of blowhards and bullies on a few ships who made the mistake of looking around and seeing geezers thinking they can do anything...and its not all alcohol or drug related either..why diminished?...mebbe they act that way ALL the time..well, they couldn't, and didn't...did it matter?? nope, not in the scheme of made ME feel better. The one thing I won't EVER do is turn my back on em, if I cant leave...mebbe in another 10 years the good LORD willing, Ill be deaf, blind, or dead...until then....

People like that irritate me. I am in the habit of minding my own business until someone bothers me or someone else I don't want to be bothered and that would include you or anybody else minding their own business on a cruise ship or anywhere else. I am a very tolerant person but I hate bullies and punks. That and how can anybody be in a bad enough mood on a cruise to make them want to bully someone?

Because they can...and do...that's like asking a professional burglar why he steals..? he goes to work just like you do...or difference. Claiming that its booze etc is obviously a factor, but in all honesty, I don't leave me alone, I'll leave you alone...would I jump to someone elses defense...I'd have to think about it...unless its a little old lady getting mugged...unless the perp has an UZI or an AK like back in the day...then Im back to getting the H out of Dodge. Only its been my experience that the vaaaast majority of folks won't stand up for themselves...probably never have. BS their way out of it, or disappear...and the wastes of skin in the world know it...and count on whats a nice ol ex grunt city boy like me doing living waay out in the back of beyond?....hmmmm….this thread is touching on the answer....out of sight out of mind....well...most of the time... I have to drive, shop, go places out in the RW...including cruise ships..and that's where these maladjusted types are....

And, FWIW, while some might provide anecdotal evidence to the contrary, I've found "ships security" to be just this side of useless.....

Thankfully we haven’t encountered anyone like that so far on our cruises. The other day in a local grocery store, an irate customer was yelling at the customer service clerk, so when it was my turn, I made sure I thanked her for her assistance and said I hoped her day got better. She appreciated that. There’s no need for rude behaviour anywhere, anytime.

Ship's security is in a bad position. If they don't act like cops and keep the peace then the passengers blame them.

If they do try and keep the peace, then the passengers cry to corporate and demand refunds. There is no way they can win.

I will also point out that if I were to ever get in a fight, I would definitely want them on my side!!

Agreed....we've never been personally involved in an incident where they had to respond...Ive been on 2 cruises where we were able to "observe" the goings on...while the situations were both "resolved"...I noted (from my barstool and chaise) how long it took for anyone to show up...10-15 minutes seem to be the average...

I agree with ya. When it comes to drunks I have two rules. 1. You can not reason with a drunk. 2. When in doubt refer to rule number 1. Now with that said I can not stand bullies. Some background I am a 6’1” 250lb male who grew up with the first name of Tracey. So going through school in the 60’s there was a lot of that’s a girls name and of course for those of that are old enough I heard “ Calling Dick Tracey”. Now pushing 60 people at times are still surprised when the call my name and I stand up. My theme song is A boy named sue but I digress.

I learned to deal with bullies, and I will not back down from one. I will not get involved unless it involves me or mine or they are praying on the weak. I have learned over the years most of them are not accustomed to being challenged and when are back down. In my 70+cruises I have only intervened twice. I prefer as long as it does not become violent to be a good witness or get out of the situation all together.

Sorry folks don’t know where that came from.


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