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Norwegian Breakaway

November 2018 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (New Orleans Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Breakaway


Don't want to turn this into a novel. Not that talented. NO as a port needs work, a lot of work. Those employees are surly at worst, and ignorant at best. Wee expected it, and ignore it. If you cruise out of there a second time, you too can figure things out on your own (We park n cruise at the HI Superdome. One nite on weekends is 260...but SUBTRACT THE 140 you pay for the privilege of parking at the port and its just fine. Cabs are plentiful coming AND going. Let the cabbie figure it all out. Handicapped access is available. Getting someone to help you if you need it is problematical. ARGUE THAT ALL YOU WANT. I have seen it at its worst, and N.O should be ashamed. The NCL employees involved are a different story. Wife has mobility issue..walks with a cane. So we qualify. And I know "how" it works"..Find a seat near the access doors and when they call for your "group, we head directly to the "latitudes"check in people, and directly onboard. No body stops you...just do it. On board went to guest services, got our vibe passes, she finished the dinner reservations next door at the comedy club for the remainder of the week. (NO that's not at Guest services on embarcation day) Up to Savor?Taste MDRs for lunch. No thats not a typo..those two mdrs are opposite each other, slightly different decor, same menu. We ate in them alot, at the expense of the buffet, which we decided to avoid. Did the buffet on port days for lunch, only half of it open, rest of the time it was Osheehans...love that place. Did either the MDRS or Osheehans for breakfast every day. Also Modernos is open on sea days for lunch..somewhat limited menu some claim, but it was "themed"..Mexican, German, etc. Normal tables and peace n quiet. Dont spread it around. Didnt bother with the "Manhattan Room", which is the MAIN MDR yes they have musuc there in the eceningsd, but theres entertainment all over, and at least 1/3 of it is "dance floor"..Looked at it from above, its like eating in an aircraft hangar. Didnt regret not eating in it. Best part of the whole cruise was the vibe up on deck 17. Private bartenders, private hottubs, limited access. It was glorious and well worth it. Net cost after OBC for buying it, $259 for the week. If and NCL ship we ever cruise on has it, we're there. Tip the steady bartenders well...they deserve it. One tip here...make sure you actually "lock: your balcony door..closing it isnt enough..if it isnt locked the a/c wont work. You cant lock yourself out. and you need to insert your card in a slot by the door to turn everything on, except the a/c. that will stay on, as long as you have the balcony door latched.

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Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway

Make all your dinner, theatre, excursion reservation in advance, from home. Some dinner packages require additional reservations be made on board. We immediately headed to guest services to do that. or magically, the times you want may not be available.

Harvest Caye, Belize

Didn't think much of it right after it opened. We back again this trip just to stretch. Yes they've improved it. All kinds of new expanded ways to separate you from your $$..Came back after an hour or so. And we weren't hardly alone.

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