I decided to post this because I've been in here so long its like i actually "know" some folks in here even tho we've never met. The good ol CDC, no matter what you may think of them, has changed the rules yet again as to who qualifies for the vaccine. i notice the SECY of something or other has decided to cut loose the reserve...hmmmm....Our GOV in a state which shall go IS cyber after all..has changed out rules accordingly. As of this coming mon 1/18, we are officially geezers...A few days ago, I started making calls to places that were "supposed " to be able to administer htese shots, per the states official list'

Good thing Im a cynic to begin with, because it didn't surprise me one bit that no two of them had anything close to the proper info as I understood it. or when they would be getting the vaccine, or how they were going to administer it. You would laff at some of the conversations, except its not a bit funny..We saw the outrageous lines in FL..I was getting ready to load up the beach chairs and a cooler, and leave at midnite or earlier....Do what you gotta do i thought.

As luck would have it, near the bottom of my list of sites I called a pharmacy...not a national chain but they have about 2 doz locations around the midwest. They were the only ones with a computerized registration process...we signed up. Got to thinking about it...(dangerous I know)...called em up...asked how many people were on that list and where were we? (it computerized, they should know) Well learned two the few days since they started they have thousands of names on the list...and...TAADAA!! our appt is next thurs 1:30 pm.,,and yes you get an id card, and your next appt for the booster, and you hang around for awhile to make sure you dont keel over.

I would suggest you spend some time (if you haven't already) and do your best to reserve a place. they won't magically show up on your porch. Don't believe what you hear as gospel...most of these people know less than you think. wrong info can be worse than no info. Make it a project. I wound up with notes all over a clipboard...pretend its a screwed up cruise and you have to do what you have to do to unscrew it.

I'll let y'all know how it goes...assuming it really happens...

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Thanks for sharing. Congratulations! As of this moment in time, we are supposedly on two separate lists. I just made an appointment for my annual physical (7 months late), to get myself on another list. I’all let you know when (if) we get our appointments.

Good for you. I hope it goes well for you! If I had to guess, they are cutting loose on the reserve because not as many people are getting vaccinated as they were hoping. But they do have the stockpile so why not give it to those who want it? I'm with ya. Do the homework and make the best decision you can. Good luck!

I got mine through the nursing home I work at. I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, with the second scheduled for this Tuesday.

I was actually super excited to get the shot, which is weird for me since I'm petrified of shots.

Before I went to the clinic, my employer had us fill out all the paperwork twice, once for each shot. They also took a copy of my insurance card, so bring that with you if you have insurance (there's also an option to receive the vaccine if you don't have insurance).

The day of the shots came and I was super excited and nervous, much like I am now waiting for the second shot. However, waiting in that line was like nothing I had ever experienced before. People were all excitedly chatting with each other and keeping their spirits up.

I gave them my paperwork and sat down to receive the shot. It was honestly the smallest needle I've ever seen in my life. Since the shot uses mRNA technology (and therefore has no actual COVID in it), it's injected directly into the muscle of your arm. I didn't look, as that's the part that I get scared about. I was staring at my friend who was sitting directly across from me, getting his shot. I was like "So when are we gonna do..." and the immunizer was like "DONE!" I honestly never felt it.

Next, they gave me a card with my shot information on it and when I'm due for my next one. They sent me to a waiting area to watch me for 15 min. Our head nurse was literally standing there staring at everyone, epipen in hand. Her job was to watch for severe allergic reactions, as those are most likely to occur within the first half hour after injection. The people that were in the waiting area were excitedly chatting, taking pictures and selfies to commemorate the event. Of course I had to join in!

Later that afternoon, my arm started to ache, nothing that a little Advil can't solve. I was also feeling a bit tired, but that's my baseline for shots anyway and it only lasted about 5 days.

Other coworkers weren't as lucky. Two, both of which had COVID prior to the shot, wound up nauseous and most of their symptoms came back. However, those symptoms were resolved within a day.

Last week, two more doctors I know both got the second Pfizer shot that I'm about to get. One just had fever, the other just had chills (but not teeth chattering). Side effects like we all had just mean that the shot is working. I asked my friends who got the shot and had COVID which they prefer, and they all agreed that getting the shot was definitely better than the alternative.

Anyways, I just thought I would share from a viewpoint of someone who actually had the shot.

I almost forgot, you'll need the card they give you for your second shot, so keep it in a safe place and bring it with you for the second shot!

GOOD FOR YOU CQ!! and thankyou for what you do. I think this is the single most important thread we're likely to have for awhile...not much "we" can do about cruising...but there certainly is something we can do about getting those shots ASA you're eligible, and they're available. I'm likely to bump this up occassionally, as more and more of us get those vaccinations...

We will be lucky to get ours in Sept which is the current plan. The area where our cottage is have not even received their first allotment yet ... mind you they still do not have a distribution plan on the table yet ... sigh ... we will get it when we get it I guess. have another addy besides that cottage? all the id they told us to bring besides the usual medicare card was a d.l.

So you got to thinking (I know what are the odds?). I called to see where we ARE on one of the lists. The people are chosen at random. No real rhyme or reason and we may or may not go together and once the next age group is added we may be bumped even lower. You guessed it, I am NOT a happy camper!Angry

Correction: ... you got me to thinking........

good grief!! I never did get an actual position number...and found out about our appointment when I called back to get my question answered. She did look us up and I guess we beat them to the punch. The woman "said" when our appointment was...the both of us. Went back and looked at the "sign up" part of the site, and they're no longer issuing appointments, because they ran out of vaccine. and waiting for more...I assume that means they have enough to cover the appointments they did issue. ALSO they updated our category in line with the latest "rules" somebody is riding herd on their website....I choose to believe all is ok...but then again...

As for the other....I've had a sneaking suspicion there's some common relative waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back there...suggestion: don't think causes confusion, aggravation, leads to more problems than it solves, etc etc.....I try not to, but sometimes.....

Thinking gives me a headache and it cause wrinkles.Wink


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