I can’t recall and can’t find where we have had a discussion over taking chow off of the ship on this forum. But it is an issue that stirs quite a bit of interest, both for and against. On another forum this subject got rather intense. Below are a few samples. What are your thoughts?

“I have seen too many passengers sick after eating local foods. In general I do not trust them in many countries.”

“At the risk of being disagreeable... a common complaint lodged by those around me, we have often taken a picnic meal with us, especially for "on your own" tours. Prime rib left over from the night before, or whatever, some good Princess rolls or baguettes, etc. Often whatever condiments we want as well. Don't recall seeing dogs anywhere, except here in the States. I wouldn't try to bring those things into the US, but a day in Paris or Amsterdam on your own, only begs for it. The worse that I think would happen is that they take your kids' burger or steak sandwich away. Easily worth the risk in our book.”

“We understand parents that let the kids make the rules. So that being the case the situation is clear. If you take food off the ship (hidden in a backpack or somewhere) you will be fine unless there is a dog working. In that case, the dog will alert and you will be caught. In most cases they will simply take the food and let you go. On the other hand, if somebody is having a bad day perhaps they will decide to make a big issue out of your violation....which will certainly ruin your day (and also your kids).”

“On the other hand you can simply follow the rules of the host country (which is polite and classy thing to do) and not take food off the ship. If your kids get hungry you can either tell them "sorry my precious ones, but you will have to wait until we get back to the ship" or perhaps, you might spend a few dollars (OH MY GOD) and buy them something locally!

P.S. Sorry in advance but a lifetime of extensive travel has given me a dislike of the UGLY AMERICAN syndrome.”

“I have read many of these threads with dozens of posts warning of dire consequences for taking food off the ship -- but I don't recall any posts ever containing details showing the poster has personally gotten in trouble or has actually seen people getting in trouble for this. DW often makes a ham sandwich from the breakfast buffet and carries it off in a baggy -- and we have never been stopped. Note Again: this is not an official post, and I am not advocating that anyone break the law -- but I am asking for anyone to confirm that they personally have seen people getting in trouble for bringing a sandwich off the ship?”

“We have seen many passengers sick with Norovirus on ships! We live in Mexico for about 2 months a year and our main fear is that we will pick up a bug on the flight down. Once in Puerto Vallarta we have no fear of the food or drink...and having dined out over 500 times (in the past 10 years) we have only gotten sick one time...and that was when we ate "imported fish" at a high end restaurant. Go figure.”

“Can you get sick in a port? Absolutely. Can you get sick on a ship? Absolutely! Can you get sick at home? Absolutely! Can you get sick on a plane! Grrrrr. Now that is the big problem. In fact it is thought (by the CDC) that many of the Noro problems on ships are brought aboard by passengers who picked up the bug on planes.”