COVID Anxiety

Has COVID caused you more anxiety recently? How has this affected your outlook in life?

26 Answers

I am an introvert. I have been dealing with people for many years and covid has not caused me any anxiety, but serenity. I stay at home, dont associate with any people, just read, camp, watch tv. Why do I cruise? Wife. I stay in my cabin, eat on lido deck, watch movies, shows and enjoy water sloshing against the ship. Wife likes mdr, she goes, I eat on lido deck or we go to steakhouse. my wife calls me a hermit, I am. By the way I am retired

Believe it or not the only anxiety I have with covid is how it will affect my up coming cruise. Other than that we just do the smart things .. follow the science and stay safe. Looking forward to getting on that ship.

We're dealing with it as best we can...the usual, masks, (yeh we started to use em again), shots, and kind of limiting the useless exposure for bs trips to town...we live out in the weeds. The only REAL anxiety is caused when I listen to to pols outright lying, and you know EXACTLY who they are... or other folks just ignoring the whole thing. I started getting some kind of twisted satisfaction when they started reporting folks families saying how they wish so-and-so got his shots before he think it would be nice for the talking heads to track down some know-it-all anti-maskers after someone in their family died? see what they have to say THEN? see what I mean? and I'm sure I'm not the only one to think this stuff...but in here you can say it..God only knows what the real numbers are, and it'll get worse now that schools started...the ignorance displayed is very now I limit my tv news least in cyber I can click a key and poof! all gone...

Made me trust our current federal government...more negatively. The main stress is them and the anti-cruisers wanting to shut down cruising again. The only other stress is will our Covid test be a false positive?

Never thought about the false positive reaction...gee thanks!!!

My biggest anxiety comes from worry for my 94 years old Mother. I worry that someone will take the virus to the senior living facility and she will be exposed. I worry that when the y have a shut down due to a positive case at the facility (the current situation) she will get so depressed that she will become ill without any of her children able to be there. As for myself and my DH, we have been wearing masks (actually respirators) for years during flu season while traveling by air. We know we are high risk and have done all the appropriate things to stay healthy. It helps that he is a board certified physician in public health. I don't worry until he does,Big Smile.

Yes dear heart...THAT is something quite real to get anxious about. makes some of the other stuff merely annoyances.....

Because I'm on the front lines in a nursing home, it's caused me more stress than anything. I'm the Assistant Director of Recreation, and there's all kinds of ever-changing rules to abide by. I'm also scared that I could contract it and give it to the residents: if I get it, I'll probably be fine since I'm young with no underlying conditions. If I give it to the residents, someone will die.

I'm also scared of bringing it home. My mom is a fellow frontliner in a hospital who has an immunocompromised boss. If I catch COVID and pass it to her, she can pass it to him and he may die. My dad is also immunocompromised and if I pass it to him, he could die.

Luckily, we have a plan in place, should someone be exposed to or diagnosed with COVID. We all had our shots, but every time we have a positive at work and we get sent back to lockdown, I text my mom and see how she feels about me having to isolate. If she says she's comfortable, I don't isolate, but if she says that she would feel more comfortable with me in isolation, I go to my room and binge watch Disney+ (hello, "Hamilton"!). She then brings me my food and beverages and leaves them at my door, just like a dog! And I will keep doing that until I get my test results back from work.

Even though my entire house is vaccinated, we still wear our masks. I've even started to have fun with it and have one to match every special even at work, every holiday, and even my passions. Since I can't wear them at work, I take selfies of myself in my mask and show the residents. Examples of what I've done:

"Star Wars Day" (May 4th): I dressed as Baby Yoda (complete with Yoda ears) and wore a Baby Yoda mask that says "Stay back you must!". I even incorporated this into a trivia I was working on for the event, I asked the residents "Who is featured on my shirt?" (Answer: Baby Yoda)

"Anniversary of Disneyland": I got a mask with "Cinderella's Castle" on it and dressed as Annette Funicello when she was a Mouseketeer. I even wrote a trivia to go along with this event.

"Mickey's Birthday": TBD, but I have a mask with Mickey on the front.

Halloween: I have a Minnie Mouse costume complete with a matching Minnie mask.

Ukulele: I have a mask in the mail that has a picture of a guitar and a ukulele on it. The guitar says to the ukulele "Uke, I am your father!" and the ukulele says "NOOOO!"

Cruising: I have one that has a ship on it and looks like a cell phone. On the bottom are the "Answer" and "Decline" buttons. On top it says "Cruise ship calling and I must go!"

Sign Language: I have a mask on right now that says *in fingerspelling* "Say hi" and *in English* "I'm learning and I need to practice!" It goes with my shirt that says "*in English* What part of *in fingerspelling* "Sign Language" *in English* don't you understand?"

I even got all the sports teams involved: my Mom sews masks and I had her make one for me with all the local sports teams on it. I'm from the Boston area, so it has the "B" on it, but hidden on it are the logos for the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox". I even made an activity out of it: the residents have to identify all the logos they see on the mask. I asked her to make a matching shirt that has all the mascots of all the teams, and the residents not only have to identify the mascot, but they have to tell me what they all have in common (they're all wearing their championship rings)

Thats incredible makes me ashamed to admit I gripe about merely having to go back to mask wearing...when you read what some folks have to go thru just to get from one day to the next well...God bless.....

Thanks! I figured if I have to be stuck in masks, I minus well have some fun with it! I also have masks that match movies, my favorite being a "Hocus Pocus" inspired mask. I work in a town near where the movie was filmed, so last year for Halloween, I dressed as Binx, the talking cat from the movie and wore a mask that said "I Put A Spell On You", which is sung by Bette Midler in the movie.

I have a Snoopy mask that I wear for Halloween too. It's black with different colored skulls and skeletons on it, all in the shape of Snoopy, so that I don't scare our Memory Care folks. I also have one that has spider webs on it.

I love Paris (and it's my dream to go there) so I have one mask of Fleur De Lis and another of the Eiffel Tower.

I also dressed as the Easter Bunny and drew a bunny nose and whiskers on my mask. When this whole thing started, we had a "Superheroes" week, so I dressed as "Supergirl" (complete with cape) and drew the "Superman" symbol on my mask!

For our patriotic holidays, I have one that I got a Walmart that says "We The People" with the American Flag in the background. It was made by veterans and all the proceeds go towards an organization to help veterans.

I just think the Memory Care folks might be a little scared not seeing smiling faces, so I took a selfie one day and scanned the photo into my computer. I made myself a badge with the picture on it and underneath, it says "I'm smiling under my mask". That way, the residents can see a smile, even if it's just a picture.


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