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Viking Ocean Cruises newest ship, Viking Sun, will debut in December 2017 as she embarks on Viking's first-ever World Cruise. Featuring the same understated interior design and inviting public spaces found on sister ships Viking Sea, Viking Sky and Viking Star, this elegant vessel will accommodate 930 lucky guests and continue Viking's theme of an intimate, relaxed onboard experience, privileged-access excursions, and destination focus. Offering world-class service, a veranda in every stateroom, two pools including a glass-backed infinity pool, outdoor gym/yoga area, luxurious spa complete with "snow grotto," a variety of dining options from casual to private, and more time in port as well as a host of cultural enrichment opportunities, a cruise on Viking Sun will surely deliver an extraordinary world-class experience.

Sails from:

Bergen, Norway , Stockholm, Sweden , Barcelona, Spain

Cruises to:

Europe - Northern Europe , Europe - Western Europe , Europe - Western Mediterranean

Cruises on Viking Sun

4.6 out of 5

Suber Ship & Crew by allenm28

Sail Date: / Traveled As: Couple

Viking runs an outstanding cruise, included excursions at each port, supplemented with optional excursions, free internet (extremely slow speeds), free business center. Just not for the person who wants a large ship with many activities and a casino.

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5 out of 5

Among the best vacations I've ever taken! by krasner1

Sail Date: / Traveled As: Couple

From beginning to end a great trip. Service stood out, especially after my passport was temporarily mis-placed. We loved it so much, we booked another cruise with Viking while on-board.

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3.7 out of 5

Got a ways to go by Gwtr0940

Sail Date: / Traveled As: Couple

The Viking Sun is a beautifully designed ship. It is a combination of class and simplicity. Even with 900 plus passengers on board we found few occasions where crowding was a problem. The port selection was very good. Although we had been around the world two years earlier, there were a lot of ports we had not visited. We loved seeing the pyramids, Shanghai, Sydney and Singapore just to mention a few of the ports. The staterooms are well designed however they are small as compared to other ships. If you need a wheelchair, walker or electric scooter, the veranda class staterooms are too small. In my case I had to lift the walker over the bed to get it out to the door. If that won't work out for you, you will have to go up a step or two for adequate room The stateroom storage is adequate for an around the world cruise. I may not bring as many clothes as Dee, however I make up for it in electronic devices. Viking understands that need by supplying a multiplicity of USB ports and 110 outlets throughout the cabin One of the untold benefits to the Viking ship is the heated bathroom floors. In colder weather it is a real boon, not to mention when you are just getting out of the shower The pool areas were great as were the hot tubs. The Infinity pool located aft is a blast. The main pool area is beautiful. There is plenty of space to lay around. One of the positive points of this area is In inclement weather the pool’s roof can be closed and that is a real blessing. The public areas are also beautifully designed. The atrium has great acoustics so you can hear the music even on the third deck of the atrium. This world cruise was unique for Viking. It was their inaugural world cruise as well as one of the first cruises for this ship. Given this, the cruise benefits were more than their usual. All world cruisers received the silver package. This added mixed and speciality drinks to their already standard wine and beer availability. Free laundry was also included for this cruise. I am told that both of these will not be available for free on subsequent world cruises. The staff was outstanding. Like all long cruises the service gets more personal the longer you are on board. In some cases it was like sailing with friends. There was some staff turnover during the cruise however aside from the new faces there was no change in the quality of service. There is little doubt that the better you know and respect the staff the more personal the service. Viking offers free WiFi on their cruises. For todays traveler this is a great benefit. I would love to tell you that it is as good or better than others, however it is not. At least three to four times a day wifi was just not available. As the trip neared its end the WiFi interruptions increased and the service became worse. Free WiFi is an included benefit but this WiFi benefit wasn’t worth even free. The same interrupted service was true with the television. On numerous occasions during the day the signal was just flat unavailable in the rooms. I include the ship board services in this category. Frankly it appears their whole IT system shuts down as everything including port talks, weather, education programs, and even the bow Camera was unavailable. They even went so far as to end 30% of the service 24 hours before the cruises final day. The food is excellent in all their venues. The World Cafe is the buffet venue. Each evening however they have destination type menus on the Aquavit Terrace related to your itinerary. The Restaurant is not only esthetically pleasant, but the food and wine are excellent as well and the staff was outstanding as well. The design of the Restaurant really may not lend itself to meeting friends or new people. The majority of tables were for two, and after a while shared tables were not offered. The specialty restaurants were excellent in variety, preparation, service and are at no additional cost. If you like Italian Manfredi’s is excellent. If you are more adventurous we would suggest the Chef’s Table. Room service was also very good. From the call to delivery it usually takes about 20 minutes to an half hour which is very reasonable. The one negative issue about their food and wine services was that they often ran out of items. It is certainly not a deal killer and may again be because of their unfamiliarity with this type of cruise and supply chain. The excursions were one of the few down sides of this cruise, in short they really need some work. They appeared to be very interesting on their face but on numerous occasions they didn’t live up to the hype. This may well be because they are new in this region of the world and they need to gain more experience. They do however offer one free excursion per port which is nice. Another thing Viking does well are the port talks. They not only introduce you to the next port, they also go over each excursion, what you will see, and the difficulty of the excursion. I would strongly encourage those with walking difficulties to listen to the port talks as what they classify as moderate may fall into the extreme category for you. The enrichment lecturers were excellent as well. There were a great variety of speakers available and their topics were timely and very interesting. Disembarkation however was very poorly handled. We were docked in the Thames River at Greenwich. For Viking it was a great PR move for getting off the ship it was a mess. Starting at about 2:00 AM they started ferrying passengers off the ship. At 8:15 AM it was our turn. Twenty minutes later they had the ferry filled and we started the 5 minute trip to the Greenwich stop. From there it was single file to the steep ramp. The steepness of the ramp caused problems for those with walking issues, in wheel chairs, or walkers with no one there to help. If it hadn’t been for a few kind locals it would have been a real trial for those in need. Once at the top of the ramp you walked into a park. 75% of the bags were sitting in the grass. Had it not been for the porters no one would have known where the bag sections were. The truth of the matter was if it hadn’t been for the porters it would have been a real mess. We have been on many cruises on a number of different cruises lines and in some cases Viking did not favorably compare to other cruise line we have traveled on. Over all Viking has the ability to give you a good ocean cruise experience but it has to do a lot of work to do before it meets it’s stated goals.

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3.3 out of 5

Great Itinerary, beautiful ship like a museum, but... by globetraveler

Sail Date: / Traveled As: Singles/Friends

Have never traveled with so many rude and inconsiderate people. I was pushed, shoved, elbowed, jabbed in the back, tripped on purpose three times, yelled at and all by men. A friend of mine had a glass of water thrown in her face by a man. So many were always first on the bus, first off, first on the tender, first off, first row of the theater, first, first, first. Some quarantined for upper respiratory or lower gastro issues refused to stay in their cabins. Beautiful ship, wonderful staff and crew but Viking does not match its competition in terms of free unlimited shore excursions, pre-cruise hotel packages, transfers from hotel/airport to ship, etc. Penthouse Junior Suite is size of most lowest level staterooms on other ships. For a world cruise designated ship there was very little closet space. Port talks held the day before gave inaccurate or misleading information and there was no time to make a change or choose by then. Excursion evaluations were not read. WIFI was "hit or miss", unreliable and soooo slloooowww. Viking Voyage app is non-functional and useless. Every week of so it kept telling me that my cruise had ended and had to delete and re-download which was impossible with the WIFI. Solo travelers were charged inconsistently - some paid double, some 1.5, some 1.75 and some 1.25. Movie choices were limited and mostly second rate. Salt and pepper mills did not function. Free laundry and dry cleaning, mini bar, alcohol, one included shore excursion (mostly a bus tour with a quick drive by), luggage shipping to the ship, visa processing, business class air to and from ship, all gratuities, medical services were included plus shipboard credits. The itinerary was altered to not overnight in Manila in order to get to Shanghai for the ship's christening and we were promised an exquisite evening off the ship but it was a nightmare - food served was like the backwash of a river, the christening ceremony was blocked from our view and was shown on TV monitors, translations were at the same level of sound so neither the Chinese or English could be understood. And, the Chinese would not allow the American crew to come ashore at any Chinese port. The owner of Viking was not allowed to stay overnight on his own ship in Shanghai and was escorted onboard to retrieve his belongings by armed guards.

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5 out of 5

Cultural Cuba by alcesdrool

Sail Date: / Traveled As: Couple

We have enjoyed Viking Ocean ships for the last two years. An amazing company that focuses on detail. The ships are beautifully designed and very safe. The staff is very friendly and work hard to make sure all are happy. I look forward to many more sailings.

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Aug 27, 2018

A small, 930 passengers, ship with limited on board activity and no casino.

Jul 09, 2018

Book a reservation at the Captain's Table restaurant.

May 21, 2018

Be prepared to not have WIFI even though complimentary, food is tasteless and not hot or cold except for Manfredi's, not a decent sauvignon blanc to be had, tiny amount of closet space, inaccurate information provided at port talks

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