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Viking Rinda is a small ship, carrying 190 passengers and 45 crew, and sails from Paris, France.

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5 out of 5

great fun by Cruiser803

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Sail Date: / Traveled As: Singles/Friends

The boat was very comfortable and the staff was excellent: friendly, helpful, courteous,and fun.


They made necessary changes to our trip because of Seine flooding.  They went "ALL OUT" to get us to our scheduled places with ease.  The river caused the crew to work hard with unexpected weather and logistics problems but they did a fine job of this.


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Eiffel Tower vs. paved parking lot - What we bought/What we got by starshine

Sail Date: / Traveled As: Couple

We were extremely excited to be taking the Paris-Normandy river cruise, especially after having been told by 3 different Viking River Cruise agents that we would have 3 nights docked by the Eiffel Tower.  We could watch the tower lights at night, or walk across a bridge and have our morning cup of coffee at the tower. 

Instead, we had to walk 30 minutes with our luggage from the train station in Le Pecq to the dock because there weren't any taxis when we arrived.  Our view was a parking lot with cracks in the pavement where a few cars and trucks were parked.  Two weeks before we sailed, I received an email from Viking telling us of last minute problems securing a permit to dock at the Eiffel Tower and instead we would be in Le Pecq.  We were coming in from Disneyland Paris (first time in France and we don't speak French) and we had to learn how to use the train system to get to Le Pec because none of the Viking representatives were able to help us. 

Checking reviews I quickly learned that we were a victim of a true 'bait and switch' scheme, Viking knew they were never going to dock in Paris with the Rinda. We did NOT get the cruise that we paid for.  Many of the passengers were angry about being in Le Pecq instead of Paris, and it created a sour atmosphere on the ship and especially riding the bus back and forth to Paris from Le Pecq,usually in heavy city traffic. 

The food onboard was nothing special, sometimes arriving cold or under-cooked and passengers sending their meals back to the kitchen.  When I inquired at Giverny about help arranging a side trip to another local attraction, which we were told many times is an option for us throughout the cruise, I was told to 'make the arrangements myself'. 

The upper deck is the only location for sitting outside.  One end of the deck is reserved for the crew to take breaks and they are permitted to smoke there.  Near the middle of the deck is the "Smoking Area" for passengers.  The cigar, pipe, and cigarette smoke was impossible to avoid when sitting on the lounge chairs on this deck - again, this is the only available place on the ship to sit outside.  The smoke was especially strong while docked in port, when no air was moving on a hot summer night. 

Since many of us asked about seeing Paris at night, a quick trip into Paris was added to the itinerary on our last night aboard.  After a long day touring, when we all should have been packing our bags, a large group took the bus ride into the city for a whirlwind blitz and a ~15-minute stop at the Eiffel Tower at 11pm to watch the sparkling light show that happens on the hour.  Our choice was to either lose sleep or see Paris at night. 

We decided to make the best of this bad situation.  For us, though, there are many other cruise lines are sailing the rivers and oceans, so we definitely will NOT be cruising with Viking Cruises again. 

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Viking Criuses Dishonest by Lov2smile

Sail Date: / Traveled As: Couple


Viking advertised (and continues to advertise) "Paris to Normandy".  It doesn't dock in Paris...Never has, Never will.   We were told by the Program Director, Jean Pierre, of Viking River Cruises this ship cannot dock in Paris because it is too big to pass under the bridges in Paris.  Viking Cruise line knew this at least as far back as March 2015, but continues to sell "PARIS to Normandy".  Instead we dock about an hour's bus ride away from Paris in a town called La Pecq.  I guess La Pecq wouldn't market as well.   This was a huge disappointment because we had planned our trip around the time we would have with three full days docked in Paris, to be able to explore the city and return to the ship to eat or rest between visits.   We received an e-mail advising us of a dock change 3 days before sailing.  The explanation for the change in the docking location was that a permit from the French government for the Rinda to use the Paris docking location had not yet been received.  We later learned from a previous passenger of the exact same situation back in March 2015 with this same ship.    Additionally, a similar situation in April 2014 took place on the Viking Forseti in Bordeaux. The ship had not yet received a permit from the French government to go under a specific bridge on the cruise route, so their itinerary was modified.   Our itinerary was considerably modified due to the new docking location and the optional tours of the Louvre and Versailles were both scheduled for our last cruise day,  This made for a very hectic day for those passengers who wanted to do both, and a very crowded day for both venues due to the Weekend crowds.   We were also scheduled to dock at Con Flans but instead we had to bus from La Pecq to get there as well.  There were other River Cruise ships docked at Con Flans, but for some reason Viking decided not to dock there.   Viking reserves the right to change ports without notification. A change is one thing, but Viking never intended to dock in Paris in the first place.  This was very deceitful and I would not recommend Viking for any future cruises.


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3 out of 5

Mixed Review by havranec

Sail Date: / Traveled As: Couple
The room and ship as a whole were clean and the ships personnel were friendly and helpful with just one exception.

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2 out of 5

Just Took My First - And Last - Viking Cruise by geekguy1

Sail Date: / Traveled As: Couple

I recently returned from the Viking River Cruise, “Passage to Eastern Europe.” The cruise was generally good, with very good service, better food than we expected, and excellent tour guides. The destinations were often not particularly great, but we knew that before booking.


Unfortunately the few problems we encountered were upsetting enough that, in the future, I am likely to try the competition and very unlikely to return to Viking. First and foremost is their poorly thought out policy of not allowing shipboard credit to be used towards gratuities, as every other cruise line we’ve been on allows. That meant we would have to take an optional excursion, which were few, far between, and of no interest to us. We could also use it towards drinks, but we are not big drinkers and the wine and beer served at lunch and dinner were more than sufficient. Our final option was to buy limited, overpriced, and mostly unneeded items from the small gift shop.


Their “suggested” gratuities are higher than other cruise lines we’ve been on, and I have never before been asked to tip the Program Director. I firmly believe that at his level, I should not be asked to pay part of his salary.


The cabin is, to say the least, small although the shower is an unusually good size.


Dinner (and, to a lesser extent, lunch) was only one seating, and the noise level could make it difficult to have a conversation.


Although both the suggested gratuities and the limited use of shipboard credit are mentioned, they are clearly not meant to be very obvious and visible. Although minor, this significantly customer unfriendly attitude is why I would prefer, in the future, not to deal with a company such as Viking.

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  • Total Passengers: 190

  • Total Crew: 45

  • Crew to Passenger Ratio: 4.22

  • Number of Decks: 4

  • Total Cabins: 0

  • Cabin Categories: 8

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Cruiser803 says ...
Jun 20, 2016

Decide to have a great time. The crew is hard-working and attentive. The food is great and extensive.

reilly97 says ...
Sep 20, 2015

Ship is fine but quite modest. Staff works hard and tour director was very good. Cabins are quite cramped but this might be normal for river cruises. No on deck activities scheduled just coach tours. Everything seemed to be extra and wine/ beer provided with meals was of low quality.

JohnandTerry says ...
Aug 16, 2015

Consider skipping the Rinda lunch to have lunch in Paris and avoid the bus trip back and forth to Le Pecq. If possible, book your trip on a different boat..

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