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Apr 02, 2015

the welcome team made one feel most welcome. Dining was cozy since we've a group of 6, just right for a table, but we've to hurry to get a table for ourselves before others got there first.


Oct 05, 2016

I would sail with them any day, week or year. Viking was awesome in EVERY respect .... having the guides on every excursion was wonderful. Viking made us feel as tho we were THEIR guests. From the Captain to the cabin crew they TAKE GREAT CARE of their passengers.


Jun 18, 2015

I'm a musician and always interested in gear. Demo went out of his way to demonstrate some music apps for iPad that were available and show off the capabilities of his electric piano. Great player, too.


Jun 25, 2015

Don't over pack the evening's are very casual


May 12, 2016

Don't miss a trip on the Viking Idun. It is a wonderful experience not to be missed.


Sep 22, 2016

Don't bother bringing an umbrella - they have plenty onboard to provide when you leave the ship. Maybe just a rain jacket if it's raining that day.


May 26, 2019

Enjoy your experience ! If you don't, it won't be the ship's fault!

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