154 Noordam Tips


Jun 02, 2016

bring your camera and binoculars.


Jun 19, 2016

Don't get a cabin on deck 10


Jul 27, 2016

Try the "Pub Crawl". Consider cost of laundry, if adding a land portion. You may want to see if there is an upgrade to pay for this.


Jul 27, 2016

Expect to be completely taken care of.


Jul 31, 2016

very large ship--hard to get a seat on enclosed deck to view glaciers, whales, etc.


Nov 10, 2016

Get to know Thomas Schumann (Executive Chef) - if you have any food issues, he will take care of you! He is awesome.


Aug 05, 2016

The meals and the service were top notch! We enjoyed the "smallness" of the ship.


Aug 05, 2016

We would recommend that you schedule the plane/helicopter tours for early in the day. Our flights were cancelled twice due to weather conditions. We found the late day tours were effected by weather changes.


Aug 14, 2016

Bring a scarf or a jacket to lay on your table before you split up to go to the buffet lines. Then, you both know where to come back to with your plate. Otherwise you are roaming the dining room while your food gets cold and looking for your dinner companion.


Sep 17, 2016

Open seating for dinner is the way to go. Seating in the Lido was hard to come by at peak hours so recommend eating at off peak hours.


Sep 17, 2016

The "formal" dining room had only average service and below average food. The steaks were like shoe leather.


Aug 27, 2016

Don't wait to last day to use computer facilities to communicate with airlines. Be sure to book land excursions as soon as you board.


Sep 02, 2016

bring lots of cash.........lots of entertainment requires a charge.....inspite of tips being included in the price of a drink, the pressure to tip again is great.............did not like having the cruise line self impose a daily tip rate to my bill...as in 25.00 a day. I felt the tip was my choice


Sep 11, 2016

Did not know we could have dined in the Vista Lounge during open seating - our tip: ask more questions


Nov 13, 2016

Buffet evening dining on Lido deck much better than formal dining.


Nov 29, 2016

Chose open seating for meals to meet a lot of interesting people.


Feb 07, 2017

Open seating went very well with or without a reservation each night. Buffet was a nice option on days wanted quicker meal or did not like the meal choices in the dinning room.


Mar 11, 2017

We chose open seating and dined with different people every night and very much enjoyed the people we met and talked with!


Feb 17, 2017

Take clothing suitable for a fairly wide range of weather conditions.

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