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Animator's Palate Photo

Animator's Palate

(12 Reviews)

Fine food teams up with classic animation in a restaurant that transforms itself from stunning black...

Atrium Photo


(1 Review)

Unique glass statues and colorful floor patterns greet passengers as they board the Disney Magic via...

Funnel Vision Photo

Funnel Vision

(2 Reviews)

Funnel Vision is a state-of-the-art, 24-by-14-foot LED screen. Families are invited to sit back, rel...

Goofy's Galley Photo

Goofy's Galley

(1 Review)

An outdoor eatery serving breakfast, lunch and evening snacks.

Lumiere's Photo


(4 Reviews)

Classy and yet not stuffy, fun yet not loud, this Beauty and the Beast-inspired restaurant will make...

Palo Photo


(5 Reviews)

At Palo, adults can be alone for a little while and enjoy a nice glass of wine while savoring expert...

Parrot Cay Photo

Parrot Cay

The food here is almost as fun as the decor, placing you in the middle of a Caribbean island while y...

Pinocchio's Pizzeria Photo

Pinocchio's Pizzeria

(1 Review)

An outdoor snack spot serving pizza throughout the day.

Pluto's Snack Bar Photo

Pluto's Snack Bar

A convenient snack bar that serves classic American fare like hamburgers and chicken for lunch and d...

Preludes Photo


A Quick Service restaurant located on Deck 4 just outside the Walt Disney Theatre, is a snack stand...

Topsider Buffet Photo

Topsider Buffet

Situated high on the ship, this huge buffet will please palates of all ages and charm with amazing v...

Vibe Photo


(2 Reviews)

Vibe (for 13 to 17 year olds) has the look and feel of a hip urban coffee shop and stylish nightclub...

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