13 Costa Favolosa Tips


Jul 04, 2015

many people bash carnival but carnival 7 or more days cruises are ok. the quality of costa was far below the carnival line even though they are owned by the same person. if you don't like carnival then run from costa it is much worse.


Aug 03, 2016

The Costa Favolosa was a great ship; not enough dining options. Most employees were not fluent in English or German, the two languages I speak. The staff were courteous, but not able to help beyond the basics and a smile.


Aug 12, 2013

more like being in a circus than well-organized and efficient operation


Jan 04, 2015

Check them out carefully before deciding. If you stay away from anything associated with Carnival in any form, you will probably get more for your money and have a better experience. They seem to have pretty much ruined Costa.


Jan 02, 2017

The hospitality staff for the tour excursions and disembarkation information weren't helpful when I complained of the situations listed above.


Apr 30, 2017

We only speak English and did not run into any language barriers. We were impressed by the number of languages the staff spoke, especially those at the customer service counter!


May 07, 2018

To re-design common places and provide cold and hot water all the time. Don't count every cent on behalf of clients


May 25, 2018

Don't, unless you are Italian, French or Spanish and have a lot of money, because everything is exorbitantly expensive.


Jul 08, 2018

Im Theater sind die ersten drei Reihen für Suite-Gäste reserviert. Entweder früh ins Theater gehen, um einen guten Platz zu erhalten, oder warten bis die Show beginnt und dann auf die freien Plätze in den ersten drei Reihen setzten. Sobald die Show beginnt wird nicht mehr kontrolliert.


Jul 03, 2019

I would pick a different cruise line if you are wanting to have conversations with other passengers that speak English


Sep 28, 2019

Don t miss gelato in Amarillo and Steakhouse. And Gala Night. Days with special offers in shops amd Spa.

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