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by brien

This is a great little town. The beach was very windy. The people are friendly and helpful. I would gladly go to Galveston to explore the many historical sites and museums.


by BobbyPatton

We have actually grown to love Galveston over the years. I originally posted a bad review about it but I wanted to revisit the subject now years later and explain that I was simply unfamiliar with this quaint town and the first time we visited we stayed at a horrible hotel and as a result had an awful time. Since then however we’ve begun to stay at hotel Galvez which is an amazing Hotel. Gorgeous grounds , first class accommodations and located beside the ocean. We now, years later absolutely love Galveston and look forward to staying here and walking the beach the night before. We were simply unfamiliar with the tourist trap hotels that take advantage of the fact they are located in a tourist destination and take advantage of that by doing no repairs and still charging top dollar upwards of $250 per evening. Do your homework before you go and give it a chance a few times to get familiar and you will have a wonderful time and begin to look forward to staying here !

Visited: Oct 20, 2018

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by paulcope

Love Galvestion. We always come in the day before as early as possible to engage in some activities there. Ate at Bubba Gumps and it was fantastic. Played mini golf, ate ice cream at Ben and Jerrys and walked on the beach. Do yourself a favor and go early to enjoy Galvestion.

Visited: Mar 10, 2018

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by aglover77

My first trip to Galveston and loved it! We stayed at the Hilton Island Resort. They had excellent staff, nice clean rooms and a fun swim up bar! Free shuttle to the cruise port but don’t be like us and miss it. It’s easy to do when you’re in the waiting area. We should’ve paid more attention but they do not announce they are leaving or anything. And the other folks waiting may not necessarily be on your same bus. Luckily we caught up to the shuttle (which had our luggage on board haha)! My advice, if they tell you to wait in the waiting area, just go ahead and climb onboard instead, follow your luggage!


by cldegaugh

We visited the Offshore Drilling Museum and it was very interesting. We tried to go to Moody Gardens, however it was quite pricey so we skipped it. We ate at the Olympia Grill and the food was great and the desserts were amazing. Hands down the best cheesecake I have had ever!

Visited: Aug 05, 2018

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by dannahkait

Our home port! It might not be the prettiest water you see all week but it means vacation! We stay at cheaper motels on the sea wall. And always pay for parking at cruise parking places. Our favorite is Lighthouse. They come and pick you up at your car and it's covered. I haven't gone out of another terminal but I love it!

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