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As a summer resort, the popularity of Martha's Vineyard has never been higher. A visit here quickly becomes a journey of discovery that gives you an appreciation of this place beyond the shops, beaches, and restaurants. Enjoy a walk through a museum, or take a guided tour, and learn a bit about the place the Wampanoags call "Noepe", or "Island in the streams". But most importantly, relax!

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Great place to explore. Did not make advanced reservations for any shore excursions. Hired a local taxi driver who took us on a most wonderful tour. Gave us the lowdown on the different aspects of life on the island. Must say found the place a little snooty. Very aware of classes. But must say the island is beautiful and quiet and full of history.

Visited: Sep 01, 2006

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Was really surprised at Martha's Vineyard---did not realize that they had farms and etc. on Martha's Vineyard just thought that the rich celebrities lived there. I don't think they were even mentioned on our tour. We had a good bus driver and the weather was perfect. The boat ride over was not good but Martha's Vineyard was GREAT!! The fog rolled in real quick and it was neat.

Visited: Sep 16, 2007

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Our bus tour guide had a weird sense of humor. He did not take my family to see parts of the island that were worth seeing. My family a few years ago saw so much more by jeep. He also had trouble with recall of facts.

Visited: Oct 21, 2007

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