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Perhaps no other city in America has enjoyed as much celebrity as Charleston, South Carolina. Named after King Charles of England, Charleston was not only the "Holy City," but also a city steeped in history and romance. Charleston's energy and vitality is virtually palpable, and the arts, food, culture, gentility and variety of Charleston are unsurpassed on the East coast.

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Private Historic Walking Tour

Private Historic Walking Tour


Private Historic Walking Tour The port city of Charleston, founded in 1670, is known for its cobble...

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Pub Crawl

Pub Crawl


Pub Crawl Would you like to hear tales of the ghosts that wander the streets of Charleston, hauntin...

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Speed Boat Adventure

Speed Boat Adventure


Speed Boat AdventureCharleston Harbor was a successful trading port during colonial times and then t...

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Charleston Historic Carriage Ride

Charleston Historic Carriage Ride


Charleston Historic Carriage RideStep back in time with an authentic ride in a horse-drawn carriage,...

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by happyrome

We arrived a day early so we could do some sight- seeing and we were not disappointed!! The only problem we had was picking what we wanted to do and see.....way too many cool things to fit into a day! Also, our embarkation process was flawless and very smooth😊

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