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by AuntPinkie

We did not book any tours here and decide to walk into town. This is a tender port and one of the things I like best about Princess is that they use their life boats as tender boats. This not only lets the passengers see how big they really are, it makes sure they are working. If you are not in a hurry to get off the ship, go later and the wait time to catch the tender will be very short (if at all). There is a nice museum by the dock worth a visit. My DH says the Starbucks has fast wifi.

Visited: Sep 22, 2018

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I did the Carmel Mission and the Monterey Aquarium Excursion. Worth it! Last time I was at that aquarium was back in the late ‘80’s. It’s so much better now.

Visited: Nov 03, 2018

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by majmom96

This was a tender port and it was nice that the tender took us directly to the pier at the Old Fishermans Wharf. Lots of cute shops and incredible ocean front restaurants. We took a taxi to Cannery Row and spent a few hours tasting flights of wine and eating baked Brie at a Taste of Monterey. A very nice day.



I was utterly stupid! I didn’t take warm clothes on the whale watching excursion and froze. But I’m glad I went. I thought I’d only see sea otters. We saw two sea otters and A LOT of whales. There were some long stretches between seeing the whales. Just have to be patient. Another excursion worth the price.

Visited: Sep 22, 2018

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by cruisedreamer22

Movie tour excursion was great! My husband was less than thrilled at my excursion choice, but in the end he loved it and was recommending it to others. We had the privilege of having the movie tour company owner as our guide! Many beautiful photo stops and time to walk around Pebble Beach golf course. Monterey was quaint...we enjoyed the cannery, local pizza place, and an ice cream shop. Kept our eyes open for a chance Clint Eastwood sighting. Didn't see him though.

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