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Suva sits on the southeast shores of mountainous Viti Levu ("Great Fiji"), largest of the over 800 islands which comprise the Republic of Fiji. Local folk traditions remain strong, like fire walks and welcoming ceremonies, wood-carving and the fabrication of tree-bark cloth. The island's proud history is showcased in the Fiji Museum, with its impressive collection of war canoes.

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Bula Bula everyone just want to let you know if you haven't book any tour please feel to book with me,3hour tours takes you to 5 places 1:scenic tour 2:country side 3:Authentic Village 4:swimming waterfalls 5:shopping $35aud per person Entryfees to certain places transportation to and fro all includes no hidden cost. We are fully licence and insure. Half price for the kids 5 to12years thank you. You can search our Facebook page Moana tours Fiji. Bula Bula Bula


Rewa culture and kava ceremony is great. all the locals are friendly and welcoming. at the end of the tour, we were dropped off in Suva for some shopping be aware - the locals are vultures and prey on the vulnerable. we were told a guy was "security" and forced into a store that sold wooden items at expensive prices. they don't take no for an answer and make you feel very unsafe. they look in your wallet, physically push you up to the counter and then ask for a fee. id avoid the town altogether if you go to Suva. stick to the shore tours through the cruise line so you know you are safe.


We loved this place. We did the Jewel of Fiji tour and thought it was worth every cent. The swim at the bottom of the water fall was just awesome. The long boat ride was just amazing. Seeing all the beautiful sights of nature from the water. The ceremony at the village was very special and our tour guide had the best sense of humour. I would do this tour again in a heartbeat


We did the Jewel of Fiji tour. The bus was small and uncomfortable, had to sit on floor during ceremony which was very difficult for older people. Then go down uneven steps to get into very small uncomfortable long boats for a trip up the river. The scenery was beautiful but not impressed about having to get out at points to walk as the boat was unable to get through shallow sections of the river. Again steep moss covered slippery steps to get to the waterfall was difficult for those elderly or physically unable to traverse.

Visited: Oct 06, 2017

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