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The West Malaysian island of Langkawi is a popular site for climbers wishing to tackle its steep limestone hills and the impressive Raya Mountain. Go fishing, search for coconuts on one of the island's beaches, or go swimming in the many waterfalls and hot springs. Amateur spelunkers can explore the many caves.

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Take a private driver for the day. We shared with two other paid the driver $60 Aussie for all day. He took us to many interesting places. Duty free is very cheap as they do not have tax. Very safe for families.


My most favourite place ever. very laid back, Markets hawkers dont bother you, they ask but dont follow you up the street hounding you to spend money with them. bartering was good and easy. some wont budge and thats fine, value was great for money. they have a market side for shopping and a Duty Free side for shopping all in the same area. Our tour was the cable car, sky bridge, Rice museum and cultural arts and crafts centre, plus shopping if we wanted to. the ship arranged for a free bus to bring you back if you chose to stay and shop, which wasnt on the tour at all. our tour guide Joe as we called him. stopped and bought some fried banana, a desert they have every night, if you get the change, try it, it was amazing. Loved it. Would go back and stay there for a holiday.

Visited: Oct 08, 2017

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So pretty. I did the bat caves and kayak excursion through the mangroves and it was amazing ,but not for the weak or lazy. And the meal at the end was great.


I booked a duty free shopping averganzer and it was a huge disappointment, we were told it was a huge shopping centre (not correct) with free wifi everywhere (not correct) it took us an hour by bus and the tour guide was some what interesting on the way in and then never spoke at all on the way back till 5 minutes away from the ship. The only free wifi was in one spot of the store we were taken to and you had to stand in one spot of the liquor store to get reception! We were taken to 2 shops but the first one was closed and then to top it all off we were told to be back at the bus in 2 hours! It was disgusting and would have been cheaper to get a taxi!

Visited: Oct 18, 2017

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