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Lizard Island is a 2,400-acre national park featuring 24 glorious beaches and bays just made for snorkeling. Here you will find giant clams and coral splendor. Cook's Look is the highest peak on the island standing at 1,178 feet. Legend has it that Captain Cook climbed the peak hoping to find a clear route out of the reefs for his ship.

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by BillnSuze

I lived/worked on Lizard Island for 3 months and can say that the scuba diving is beyond amazing - and theres something for all levels of experience. The Cod Hole is a simple dive or snorkel and a highlight of a lifetime and a 100% must do if you are on Lizard. Its a beautiful walk up the little hill/mountain “Cooks Look” and the views are to die for. You can fly here from Cairns or visit on a cruise out of Cairns.

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