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About Akaroa, New Zealand

Akaoura Harbor is located on the shore of French Bay. The harbor itself was formed when the sea breached the erosion-enlarged crater of an ancient volcano. Unique in its French heritage, this charming little resort and fishing village offers much to do. Take a harbor cruise and see the myriad types of marine life through crystal-clear water. Sample the many fine shops, cafes, and restaurants.

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You MUST take the Excursion to the Akaroa highland farm (sheep farm). The shuttle drive is very scenic. The farm is owned by Murray and his family. They are very friendly. You'll hear great history, observe a sheep shearing, and observe their gentle dogs herding the sheep.

Visited: Jan 28, 2017

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Akaroa why go to Christchurch, when you have this little French inspired town , my highlight . The view from any of the coffee shops breathtaking , the meat pies from the local butcher to die for , the Giants house a must


Due to a problem with the tenders only had 5 hours to explore beautiful Akaroa. Apart from the long steep walk up and down to get to the Giants Garden (gardens with mosaics) it was really beautiful. Also there is a great museum, lighthouse and many nice shops. There are also great fudge shops and hokey pokey ice-cream all around the city. Great city!!!


A French influenced beach side village beautifully set out amidst homes hundreds of years old. Wonderful people and great sites to visit. Loved it.

Visited: Nov 24, 2018

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