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Private Coquimbo and La Serena Highlights and Beaches

Private Coquimbo and La Serena Highlights and BeachesEscape the crowds and get a private peek at anc...

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Private Elqui Valley Tour

Private Elqui Valley TourThe Elqui Valley is a special strip of land in the middle of a desert plate...

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by wvtraveler

I almost feel like we had a one-of-a-kind experience in Coquimbo. We took Princess' Tololo Observatory tour, an absolute highlight of our cruise. Apparently, not many groups get to visit and actually see the 4 meter telescope, located on an 8,000+ foot high, desert mountaintop. I believe it's the largest in the southern hemisphere and is conducting research on the origins of our galaxy, among other things. Remember if you're lucky enough to visit, that you get to see the telescope, not see *through* the telescope. And remember the altitude. One member of our little group needed help with altitude sickness.


by maectpo58

Very big and commercial port. Took excursion to Coquimbo to see some history of the city. Nice "Light House" on the beach, and very big "CROSS", on top of the mountain, can be seen from everywhere.


by AprilC7

Industrial port, nothing to see or do, could not find an excursion other than city tour so we did not do excursion,


by GrandmaSally

We were there on a Sunday, so many things were closed or late to open. The town was walkable, but residents advised us to keep a tight hold on our belongings.

Visited: Feb 17, 2018

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