South America cruise ports

Montevideo, Uruguay, photo">

In Montevideo, visitors are often surprised and delighted to discover that the city still retains the disposition and feel of an intimate village. The Old City of Montevideo seems lodged in another time, with customs and architecture from a past era. In the center, the Hotel Plaza Fuerte displays characteristics of the past. Visitors are charmed by its decor and views of the city.

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Buenos Aires is a very European city located in the heart of Argentina. German and Italian culture combine with the Spanish native tongue and flavor of Buenos Aires. The food of the city is legendary. If you leave Buenos Aires without seeing a tango show, you have missed out. The energy, melancholy, passion, and tension of the city come bursting forth from this music and dance.

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Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina, photo">

The southernmost town in the world faces the Beagle Channel, where Charles Darwin encountered the now-extinct Yahgan Indians in 1832. In this desolate, wind-swept part of the world, the scenery and wildlife are awesome. Visit the Park Nacional Tierra del Fuego, where you'll find magnificent forest beaches, towering mountains, crystal-clear lakes, as well as seals, walrus, and giant sea birds.

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Punta Arenas is known as the southernmost city on Earth. It is in Chile, and overlooks the Strait of Magellan. The city's attractions include the Museo Salesiano de Mayonino Borgatello and the Centro Cultural Braun-Menendez. The former is a museum covering the region, and the latter provides a view of a local trading family. Be sure to visit the nearby penguin colony.

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Puerto Montt is located just south of central Chile. The city boasts great bay views, seafood restaurants, handicrafts, and plenty of lodging. Puerto Montt is a popular launching point for day trips to national parks, waterfalls, lakes, and mountains of the area. If you take a 50-cent boat ride to the Island of Tenglo, you'll get a great view of the city and several snow-covered volcanoes.

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Port Stanley is the only town on the Falkland Islands, and though it has little more than 1,200 residents, it contains half of the islands' population. On the other hand there are 700,000 sheep, and a wonderful assortment of sea birds and elephant seals. Though subject to the British Queen, Argentinean claims to the "Islas Malvinas" caused war in 1982.

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Puerto Madryn is located on the Atlantic coast of Argentina. It is often called the city of whales, as there are an abundance of opportunities to view these magnificent and graceful giants in the waters. There is also an astonishing variety of marine life, making this an attractive destination for divers and snorkelers.

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The port of Valparaiso is the gateway to the city of Santiago, Chile's beautiful colonial capital, and the seaside resort town of San Antonio. Here you can see the majestic Andes from almost any street corner. Follow the wine trail through nearby Maipo Valley, which produces some of South America's finest wines. Or visit a pre-Colombian museum for a walk through antiquity.

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The southernmost point of the Americas is a gray rugged rock, enduring in a notoriously weather-beaten spot. With luck, your ship can cruise close this rocky promontory, which has marked the passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean for centuries. The area has a cold and windy climate. The port is named after Hoorn, the birthplace of a legendary Dutch explorer.

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