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by BenSteelmack

San Antonio is a new port to cruises, but is really good attendance for the passengers, much security. And the food is good big variety of food and wine (Chilean wine the best of the world) If you visit this port you need to drink the incredible wine of this country, and big variety of fish and meat that very good The Pablo neruda museum house is a good place to visit and the whole route of poets, Chile is a great place to visit enjoy!


by sheilaclarke

Santiago An ugly Industrial Container port with a narrow access. We were held here for an extra ...... hours as the Port Authorities closed the port due to heavy swells. We were not allowed off the ship; because the Captain said he could go at short notice, feel this was rubbish they must have weather forecasts! Felt Princess just didn’t want to pay for another day of shuttle buses as you cannot walk through the port you have to bus to the terminal! Most cruise ships go to Valparaiso! Santiago is not recommended.


by Swissvms

We got on a bus immediately after disembarking and took a 10 hour trip through the countryside, with lunch, to Santiago. Again, fascinating scenery and an excellent lunch.

Visited: Jan 31, 2018

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by GloriaCibelle

City tour and transfer to hotel. They changed transfer to hotel to either airport or Sheraton hotel. When boarding the bus we’re told only option was drop off at a taxi center and pay to be taken to hotel. No one from Norwegian got back to us.

Visited: Jan 04, 2020

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by jeanniej1946

Just a port. Did an excursion to Santiago and around town! Interesting city. Would have preferred to visit wine area and Valparaiso en route to airport.

Visited: Nov 01, 2017

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by maectpo58

Did not have much time to see anything. Almost 1h 40min drive from Santiago airport to ship terminal in San Antonio. We did not spend any time here either. Nice green country, whatever we saw from the window of the bus. Lots of farm land and fruit plantations. Lots of mounts.

Visited: Mar 24, 2019

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by phill002

The port town is shabby and obviously a working port. It only recently became the destination port, after a strike of port workers in Valparaíso persuaded NCL and other lines to move to San Antonio. Local tour guides are just getting well set up to take cruisers from the port on tour that will eliver them to Santiago or to the Santiago airport. The trip takes more than an hour, and there is virtually no public transport, so booking some sort of transport from the dock is essential. NCL did not handle this well. When we tried to book, they only had transport to the airport, so we booked with another company to get to our Santiago hotel. NCL added a transport option to a central place in Santiago later, but the daily newsletter on the ship didn´t mention it until the final instructions arrived for disembarking. Even so, it would not have taken us to our hotel. The tour we booked through Cruises only turned out to be excellent, with a tour of central Santiago and drop-off at our hotel. Others on the tour were taken to the airport. In any case, NCL needs to get its act together if San Antonio remains the disembarkation port.

Visited: Feb 02, 2019

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by seacruiser62

Princess changed dock from Valparaiso to San Antonio, which is a 1.5 hour drive to Valparaiso. San Antonio NOT equipped to handle cruise ship! CHAOS! Luckily we booked a tour from Expedia who was able to accommodate change in ports. Others had to pay $$$to princess for shuttle.

Visited: Jan 31, 2018

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