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The southernmost point of the Americas is a gray rugged rock, enduring in a notoriously weather-beaten spot. With luck, your ship can cruise close this rocky promontory, which has marked the passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean for centuries. The area has a cold and windy climate. The port is named after Hoorn, the birthplace of a legendary Dutch explorer.

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Bucket List time: Cape Horn. For those familiar with Morrison's "European Discovery of America," this is the last word, by no means the grandest scene, but essential to the story. We were blessed with calm seas and clear weather, so we were able to circle the Horn (according to our captain, a rare opportunity) before turning north into the Beagle Channel. Although we didn't land, we got a clear view of the albatross-shaped Cape Horn Memorial, and join in remembering all who rounded the Horn before us.


We had calm seas so were very lucky! Pay attention as the Captain as he only does a brief announcement and you can miss the whole event if your having breakfast. There should be a bigger tada made - blow the ship horn or something!

Visited: Dec 04, 2018

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