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This is a tender port. We took the hop,on hop off bus. It stopped all thought the city and out to the Panama Canal locks.

Visited: Mar 15, 2015

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We went back through the Canal on a smaller boat and it was fascinating - definitely the highlight of our shore trips. The scale was so completely different than the cruise ship, it put the Canal in a whole new perspective.

Visited: Apr 29, 2011

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We took the old city and new excursion and were very impressed. I highly recommend this tour for first time visitors.

Visited: Feb 25, 2018

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The smaller transports for excursions are cramped and just a smidge bigger than a mini-bus. Beware before you book. Also keep in mind that this is a tender port and often quite windy which whips up the water a bit. The tender ride is a choppy adventure and getting on/off the tender can be intimidating for the less physically abled.

Visited: Feb 03, 2016

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