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We took the old city and new excursion and were very impressed. I highly recommend this tour for first time visitors.

Visited: Feb 25, 2018

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The smaller transports for excursions are cramped and just a smidge bigger than a mini-bus. Beware before you book. Also keep in mind that this is a tender port and often quite windy which whips up the water a bit. The tender ride is a choppy adventure and getting on/off the tender can be intimidating for the less physically abled.

Visited: Feb 03, 2016

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We went back through the Canal on a smaller boat and it was fascinating - definitely the highlight of our shore trips. The scale was so completely different than the cruise ship, it put the Canal in a whole new perspective.

Visited: Apr 29, 2011

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This is a tender port. We took the hop,on hop off bus. It stopped all thought the city and out to the Panama Canal locks.

Visited: Mar 15, 2015

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We visited the new locks, watched a video of its construction at the Observation Center. We were lucky to watch a ship going through the locks Nuku Hiva We took a scenic drive through Taipivai Valley and visited the Te Aitua temple. We stopped at the Hooum black beach, also. The drive was very scenic and took about three hours with stops.

Visited: Jan 04, 2018

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