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by Peachie57

View from the aft pool deck for the best view of this. We also took the tour to the Miraflores lock and the museum there, followed by a trip back to Colon on the Panama Canal Railroad. Very nice way to see how big Gatun Lake really is and experience how the area was traveled before the canal was finished.

Visited: Dec 17, 2017

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by HeidiMonkey

I went and sat in our state room window for the transit of the last set of locks. It was really great to watch the world rise above our stateroom window, see the paint on the side of the locks, get a look at the lock gates and how enormous they were. It was amazing to be on deck 2 and be eye level with the canal employees and wave high to them. I won't forget that view of the transit for a long time.

Visited: Mar 04, 2019

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by zookeeper1

We booked the canal experience excursion . Wanted to go through all locks to the pacific side. In the end we were happy that we did this but the excursion was a fiasco . We were told the night before that we would be running late. What they did not tell us that we would be taking a very long bus ride with a stop at a gas station to buy time ( the ferry we were to board was running late ) we finally boarded the ferry but had to wait for a pilot then a new time slot. Barely enough food to feed everyone , and beverage selection was terrible . Beer , water, grape and orange soda . It was an amazing experience passing through the locks on a small ferry. Really get the feel of the water moving up and down . We were disappointed that it was dark when passing through the last lock. The ship waited ( we booked through ship, and there were 200 + passengers ) the buses got us back to the ship but almost had 2 accidents trying to get us there .

Visited: Feb 18, 2018

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