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by LordRob

Passage through the canal is an experience not soon to be forgotten. At the Pacific entrance, ships are holding position until their turn comes to enter the first lock. New construction of another lock system will help with clearing future backlogs. The system of locomotives used to draw ships through the canal system is fascinating to watch from either deck or balcony.


by cptyugi

It was pretty cool 😎 but my sister owed herself when she saw a crocodile 🐊! That was so funny i had to laugh but, seriously Awesome Port for 2weeks cruises!


by LordRob

This was the highlight of the trip. Arriving at Balboa you see ships holding station until their time comes to enter the lock system. The locomotives towing your ship are a true feat of engineering as you are moved along the canal with only inches to spare on either side.

Visited: Sep 30, 2017

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