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Located approximately 35 miles north of Honduras in the Caribbean, Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands group. Plenty of great snorkeling and diving is found at the coral reefs off Roatan's coast.

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The Allure of the Seas made it to Coxen Hole, Roatan, Honduras today. So those of you that heard otherwise, the rumors are false. The Allure does stop in Roatan! You can see the damage to the pier, but is at the end of the pier. We were able to dock with no problems. Exciting events, the president of Honduras (or so the rumor went) visited the ship while we were in port. I actually saw him as he walked past my table at the Wipe Out Cafe. Lots of security and press. So I assume the rumors were true. Did some shopping at the port. It was a beautiful day and a lot of passengers seemed to be headed out on the many excursions. We decided to relax and hang out on the ship. Tip: You definitely need to do breakfast in the dining room. They offer both a buffet and ala carte service. We sat at a big table with other cruisers and had a very nice breakfast. I did the ala carte and was able to get the omelette I’ve been wanting! Today, we hit the Wipeout Cafe for lunch. Important note: it didn’t open until 12:30 so be sure to check the hours of operations before heading to a venue! Lucky for us it was 12:15 and we only had to wait 15 minutes. The plus to waiting was that the food was HOT and Fresh! Dinner was in the dining room tonight and was good. Hit the casino and the casino hit me back, in my wallet. But had fun playing and people watching. Everyone is having a good time which makes for a great experience! Oh, forgot to add... last night I did the movies under the stars. It was The Commuter. The movie was good and it was nice sitting outside with a breeze! Another fun and successful day!


go to west bay is sooooo beautiful!! is so tropical and the water is calm and clear .....there are restaurants and bars along the beach.......there are vendors (better known has beggers) that try to sell u their products but remember the natives there are poor and there is no support system in their country like the if they don't peddle ...they don't eat


I anxiously awaited this Maya Key Private Island Retreat excursion by NCL and it did not disappoint. Because of pier and docked ships we had to take a tender boat to disembark from the Dawn and then another boat to Maya big deal except the confusion waiting at the pier (once tendered) for the excursion boat itself. Could have been handled better. I had read a review somewhere about the monkey animal encounter on this excursion (no additional charge) where you actaully enter an encaged monkey area with the monkeys. The staff take pictures with your camera of you while the monkeys jump and play all over you and around you. When you exit the cage they give you a long branch and have birds sit on your shoulder and end of branch while they take pictures with your camera. No charge to take pictures either. Donations are welcomed and needed for all rescued animals/birds on thie island. The small island with beach is pretty and with a lot of rescued animals to enjoy. I loved loved loved this excursion.

Visited: Feb 25, 2018

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We didn't do an excursion. We hired a driver when we got off the ship and a guide and had the best time ever!!! They took us to hold monkeys and parrots, then we hit the beach. We saved soooo much money doing it this way!

Visited: Mar 05, 2017

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