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Tunis is the major North African gateway to the Roman and Punic ruins of Carthage. You will be awed by the city's ancient Roman baths, cisterns, and basilicas. Be sure to visit the theater and amphitheater as well. True adventurers will not want to miss a trip to Sidi Bou Said, a charming seaside village set high atop the cliffs.

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The guide talked down to us like we were 4 year olds. He basically said about 10 different things about Tunis, over and over again. Each time we passed a mosque, he told us that 95% of the nation was Muslim. (We passed at least a dozen mosques.) The guide told us not to buy souveniers from anyone except 3 shops he would point out to us, which he did, then he promptly disappeared until the bus was ready to go. The shop keepers were rather creepy, and the shops were very dark and uninviting.

Visited: Jul 28, 2007

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