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The Suez Canal is an artificial waterway running across the Isthmus of Suez in northeastern Egypt. It connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Gulf of Suez, an arm of the Red Sea. The canal, about 101 miles long, has no locks because the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Suez have roughly the same water level. Most of the canal has only a single traffic lane, with several passing bays.

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An unforgettable experience. Accompanied by another 29 ships. Kept well informed by historical commentary as we went. Lovely weather helped . So many different things to look at which were never boring!

Visited: Nov 26, 2016

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Our first trip on the canal. No locks and a little boring. Jordon was on one side and Egypt on the other. One of those places you say "I did it".

Visited: Apr 26, 2018

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Hired security (ex US Navy Seals joined cruise 4 days prior while cruising through Gulf of Aden) exited ship along with accommodating artillery left ship just prior to Suez Canal transit.

Visited: Mar 27, 2017

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Pirate drills and barbed wire on deck 6 aft for extra protection! We even had a special security Team on board to ensure our safety. A experience none of us we ever forget. As travelers we take security for granted unlike other countries, The landscape on both side of canal was different and inspiring {extreme dessert vs lush greenery}

Visited: Nov 04, 2017

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