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Lai Chau Province, in the far west, shares borders with China in the north and Laos in the west. Dien Bien Phu is situated almost at the border with Laos on an immense gorge 20 km long and 3 km wide. It is in Dien Bien Phu that the Vietnamese fought the decisive battle on May 7, 1954 that brought French colonial rule to an end.

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Oddly enough,I dreaded this port but to my surprise it ended up being my favorite..but only by chance. I was going to stay on the ship but saw tents selling souvenirs outside and grabbed $40 and went outside. As I was looking at the tents with other guests that decided to stay a bus pulled up. We all looked at each other I asked. It was a free bus into town for shopping. So all of us stragglers hopped on. About a 30 minute drive. It was an average area. So I skipped the shopping to walk to the main intersection and decided to turn around and go back, but multiple motorcycle drivers asked to give tours I said no to all until the last one. He spoke some English and was polite. So I said f@&$ it ,he said $40 perfect that's all I had. I hopped on his new motorcycle and went. It was the best experience I saw way more than all of the excursions combined and then some. He was so cool. I wish I could name everything I saw but I don't have all day😍😍😍


Hired a driver with another couple for $40 a piece to take us to the Cu Cui tunnels then to Saigon to reunification palace, post office and Thane market. Busy day but I'm glad we did it.

Visited: Feb 28, 2016

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