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Lautoka is a very clean city and environmental concerned. It has a wonderful botanical garden and children's park. The main street of the city, Vitogo Parade, has been decorated with the planting of royal palm trees on one side. The city's municipal market, which has a floor area of about 58,000m, is another attraction for both residents and tourists.

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For your day excursion in Lautoka you can book with Windflow Tours and Travel or pm Ulalia Nakanacagi on Facebook. 4hrs Tour- Site seeing,country side,mud pool,beach and shopping. Price:$55 AUD pp No other hidden cost.


My favorite port. We purchased our excursion from Sykmiles Cruises for the Thermal Mudpool Tour and our guide greeting us with a name card ( TTF tour guide Suka). Suka was AWESOME!!!!! along with his driver.

Visited: Nov 01, 2017

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Sort of a dumpy town but we hired a van on shore with 8 other people at $25 apiece to take us to a resort and it was a long drive but turned out to be the perfect blue lagoon for swimming and laying on the beach. The way you have imagined Fiji to be.

Visited: Feb 21, 2017

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Take a drive of Nadi pause for photos at Vuda Lookout. See the largest Hindu Temple along the way. Shop in Nadi town for souvenirs. Enjoy lunch at the Vuda Marina

Visited: Sep 21, 2014

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