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Famous for its succulent Kobe beef and cosmopolitan flair, this booming port town sits between the Rokko Mountains and Osaka Bay. Home to many foreigners, this commercial center is the most international in western Japan, containing a remarkable architectural mix of Swiss chalets, Muslim mosques, and Russian Orthodox churches, tucked between traditional Japanese buildings.

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Took the Osaka on your own excursion. 1 hour on the bus to Osaka. Osaka was the highlight of the whole trip. So much shopping and food! I know others said Kobe was just ok, so choose to go to Osaka!

Visited: Mar 12, 2016

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Took a tour from the ship to see the UNESCO site of the yellow temple. Couldn’t get inside. Walked through the forest on a dirt cobblestone path. Nothing to see here, move along. We then went to another UNESCO site of a lord samurai. Big deal! Square brown house with some imitation painted silk screens. There are signs along the path through the house that explained what went on in each of the rooms, but it was extremely crowded. I got pushed aside a lot by rude people who wanted to read the sign. (I’m only 5’ tall, they should have been able to see around me). It may have been interesting, but we were rushed. I’d say skip this tour. For $179 you can see more and do more on your own.

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