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One of Vietnam's favorite travel destinations, Halong Bay is famous for it's amazing limestone cliffs, numerous caves, and unbelievable scenic beauty. The vast majority of travelers going to Halong Bay arrive to either of Vietnam's two largest cities first- Hanoi, or Saigon, and then make arrangements from there. Hanoi is the closer of the cities to the destination of Halong.

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by Sopsax66

Ha Long Bay is probably the most beautiful place I have been on earth, especially while the sun was setting over the 1,900 plus islands out in the bay. It brought peace and spirituality to the crazy world in which we live. While it was a very long trip to get there on our excursion, Hanoi was an amazing experience. It was the one we were most hesitant to visit, but so glad we did. Throw everything you were taught in school about Vietnam being Communist... because you will have it all wrong. Very capitalistic and fun to experience.

Visited: Dec 09, 2017

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by plantycat

Today the celebrity millennium docked at halong. She is the first cruise ship to do so as previously halong bay was a tender port. The cruise port is still under construction and as yet there are no facilities. As the docking pier is quite long the port authorities provided free shuttles. As the millennium was the first cruise ship to use the new docking facility, there was a ceramony red carpets etc with some of the local bigwigs, traditional dancers and drums and filming going on. It certainly looks like they are gearing up for more cruise ships.


by Bill847

The experience from Chan May was so good, our group decided to to tour together in Ha Long Bay. Once again our 2 Vietnamese ladies got us vans to tour the city and cruise the bay for $30USD and we saw the bay, caves with authentic experience instead of big bus Americanized tours. On our way back we ask our driver to drop us couple of miles from the port near local restaurants and shops, we ended up eating locally and shop all the way back to the ship. Another perfect day.

Visited: Feb 18, 2018

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by 1neke

This is by far the most beautiful “Harbour”. Sailing through this miracle was amazing. The ship was positioned close to shore, with a view on the rocks. Tender boots took us to shore within a few minutes.

Visited: Dec 10, 2017

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by Nemi

Even though the weather was foggy and it was drizzling - we loved the Junk Cruise, our tour guide was amazing - shout out to Funny Travels for organising it . The pictures looked like something from Pirates of the Caribbean - very mystical and intriguing - would definitely do it again!

Visited: Mar 16, 2019

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