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See the ruins and the sweet little beach they have at Talum. The iguanas are really cool all over the place. Kids would love them, I think. Don't waste your time with the small "talum" site on the right off the highway on the way to the Real Talum, it was dumb, not guided and they ripped us off for a few dollars, claiming they didn't have change. Don't pay for the tractor-train ride to the ruins, the walk will help you with the buffet weight from the cruise. It's just enough of a walk to get your blood pumping, My 60 year old Mom could do it. Plus you don't encourage use of the loud, smoke belching tractors.

Visited: Dec 15, 2008

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We didn't care for this at all. the only thing that was good was being down by the water. There is really nothing there. We felt uncomfortable there. We sure di not care where we put in to port.

Visited: Jan 15, 2007

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