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by tpantino6

It is a sweet little town. There is not that much to do but it gives you an opportunity to get off the boat in the am before the cruise leaves the port. The only plus with Vilshofen is the beer fest/local entertainment that greets you right after embarkation

Visited: Aug 28, 2017

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by thunter1224

We just got off the ship yesterday, and our cruise started here early. So by noon we had eaten and was exploring the town on our own. What a wonderful little town.


by thunter1224

This was our first port. After an early lunch . We walked around town on our own. We checked into small shops and enjoyed walking on the cobblestones streets. Then the next day we did the ciry walking tour. It is a quaint town and found many nice people ❤

Visited: Oct 04, 2019

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