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About Santa Cruz De La Palma, Canary Islands

La Palma is a stratovolcano, and is the largest of the western Canary Islands. At the island's east-coast is located the picturesque port-town of Santa Cruz. Behind it, like a colossal amphitheater, there is a mighty volcanic crater. This town, with its characteristical steeply inclined alleys, offers a really lively ambience.

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This may have been my favorite port on the trip (not including Barcelona) . Such a cute little town right off the ship. Cobblestone roads reveal great little shops. There is a market up one of the main roads, beautiful flowers, produce and more. But, there is a little “bar” right inside, they juice fresh sugar cane and lime for the most amazing mojitos! Found a great bottle of a local vodka, a volcanic distilled. Convinced it was just “marketing” I still grabbed a bottle. We got it home, and I have to say it’s pretty great! Loved that there is a wooden walk way down to the beaches and showers at the top. The black lava rock sand is beautiful. Stopped for a few pastries that were delicious.


A beautiful place and would certainly go back to explore more.


Did not do an excursion because the one we wanted wasn’t running because the roads were closed for the carnival

Visited: Feb 16, 2018

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