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by Saganut

We called into Fuerteventura in 2016 and did a tour called "Taste of Fuerteventura". This took us first if all to a local farm that grew vines and lroduced its oen wine (delicious). It also produced cheese from its goats and cows and had a fruit orchard. There was akso plenty of donkeys and various fowl including a couple of peafowl. Then we went to the Aloe Vera factory, had a demonstration ofharvesting the plant and how it was used to make various items. Opportunity to buy products made from theplant and also get a mini massage (neck, shoulders, head or foot). Then a drive round the rest of the island to see the varying landscape (amazing) and then finally to the capital (name escapes me) where we were treated tp local snacks and local wines befire returning to the ship.

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