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by bright

We embarked in Malta and the process took a mere 10 minutes. We arrived as advised and were on the ship very quickly. Really efficient! No trips as we're Maltese!


by polska

Malta is so full of history, on a short stay plan your visit. As a disabled person not an easy city to get around. The views and the church's are a must see. A return visit is a must.


by martthefart

I love Malta! English speaking, friendly people. The island is so easy to get around on so if you have time, go by local bus - only a couple of euros instead of about 40 for an excursion. Must visits: Mdina and Valletta.


by Nivram

Valletta is a beautiful place and will be returning at some point. Point to note is that there are a lot of steps and hills in Valletta


by yorsche

Beautiful fortified country. Really enjoyed the cleanliness of this port and city. Felt safe to explore but souvenirs were expensive. Wished I would have to not lost my pictures.


by horacehenn

Valetta itself was nice as was St Julian’s, although the hop on/hop off didn’t stop there. Be careful if buying your own hop on/off as although the first ticket given when we paid was hop on/off, the second was with maltasightseeing (blue rather than red buses) who stopped for 30 minutes at the glass making factory. Make sure the ticket you get and keep hold of during the day is the official hop on/off


by nickynoo59

Left the Ociana to fly home from here but what we saw seemed nice. Slightly spoilt our holiday as too many people were taken to the airport all at once, airport couldn't cope with the numbers, all crammed in departure lounge, not enough seats and flight home delayed by 2 hours so sat in the plane for 2.5 hours before we took off due to numbers of passengers not tallying up with the airport's paperwork, resulting in us missing our booked and paid for train at Gatwick and having to pay for more tickets.

Visited: Mar 26, 2018

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