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by bright

We embarked in Malta and the process took a mere 10 minutes. We arrived as advised and were on the ship very quickly. Really efficient! No trips as we're Maltese!


by MartinlJane

We had until 4pm before our flight home. We were planning a walk around Valletta, but instead opted for one of the sightseeing buses located just before the lift up to Valletta town (15e each). So pleased we did. We took the blue route around the north of the island and got off at Mdina for a few hours leisurely stroll around the lovely and serene 'silent city'. Very peaceful, with great architecture.


by polska

Malta is so full of history, on a short stay plan your visit. As a disabled person not an easy city to get around. The views and the church's are a must see. A return visit is a must.


by Nivram

Valletta is a beautiful place and will be returning at some point. Point to note is that there are a lot of steps and hills in Valletta


by martthefart

I love Malta! English speaking, friendly people. The island is so easy to get around on so if you have time, go by local bus - only a couple of euros instead of about 40 for an excursion. Must visits: Mdina and Valletta.

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