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The former home of pirates and navigators, Honfleur is today a town of fishermen, writers and artists. Situated between two hills at the mouth of the Seine, Honfleur was untouched during WW2 and has retained all its charm - picturesque houses, cobbled streets, and its harbour, enclosed on three sides by improbably tall, narrow buildings.

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by NYTexans

We arranged a private driver for our party of four and visited Point du Hoc; a Geman Military Cemetary (very interesting, but lacking the 'light' of the American Cemerary, as all crosses are brown granite vs. white in the American Cemetary. Also visited Omaha Beach. What can one say other than you are proud to be free; be an American and an allied country citizen after seeing the sacrifice our troops made to end the Nazi attempt to bring their National Socialism to the world.

Visited: Aug 25, 2017

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by JacquiPrice7

Beautiful, I love Honfleur and it was so good to come back. I just ended up walking all round, finding little places and going to have a look at them, ended up seeing two museums and churches and a park. There are also lots of gift shops and places to eat. I had a crepe in one of the restaurants. (I’m not sure which though, they all have seats outside next to each other).

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