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Did a fabulous excurison. Horse drawn carriage ride around a vineyard then wine tasting. Well worth it. And made the right decision not to go to Pisa or Florence in July!!

Visited: Jul 09, 2017

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Loved this! Pisa is a site that has to be seen to be believed and Florence is amazing. Very busy in Florence and was disappointed to not be able to go into any of the museums as very long queues so I you go book your tickets before hand!


Gorgeous place with many great places to relax and have fresh gelato. Pisa was beautiful, however there wasn’t much around and many cafes were full and a charge for the toilets.


Has anyone taken a tour from port into the town of Lucca? Is it worth it? We've to Pisa and the countryside near Lucca a few times, but never into the town itself. Thanks.

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