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This was another good port, one we had visited previously. We chose the HAL excursion, Romsdal & The Troll Path, which lasted 8 hours. It was very worthwhile & interesting - plenty of scenery. We drove through Spjelkavik to Sjoholt Village. I enjoyed the shoreline of Storfjord along the road. We passed Stordal Church, and drove through Liabygd & Valldal. We drove the Troll Path passing a beautiful gorge. In the Trolltindene Mt. at Olav, we stopped for a Norwegian hot & cold buffet lunch. After lunch, we made hairpin bends in the road to Isterdalen Valley. We stopped at the Troll Wall. On our ride back to Alesund, we passed picturesque villages before crossing the Orskog Mt. It was a wonderful experience that i recommend.

Visited: Aug 02, 2017

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Great port - with excellent view a reward for walking up 400+ steps to overlook town (you can get their by the town road train as our parents did!) Also heated public benches - wow! Great fish & chips from a snack shack near the waterside.

Visited: Aug 12, 2017

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My favorite city! So beautiful! The Art Nouveau area is exquisite - I love beautiful buildings and this was a joy to walk around! The city is walkable, but to get to the far reaches, like the aquarium and its beach area or to the Sunnemore Museum, you will need to use a bus. Mt Aksla is on the bus routes but they aren't one way roads, so that can be an experience! The walk down is easier than up (418 stairs) but the view from the restaurant area are amazing and shouldn't be missed.

Visited: Jul 30, 2017

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Hoho bus here. Pick up less than 100m from the ship we were off and on a few times, but the full round trip is around 80 mins

Visited: Jun 03, 2018

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We arrived to a very cold Alesund! We went on the hop on hop off bus tour, but unfortunately one of the buses was off the road. We had to wait for a long time to get on one of the buses. We went to the top of the hill and had what felt like the worlds most expensive pint of beer, but it was worth it for the view!

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