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Some say that Alesund is the most beautiful city in Norway because of its unique architecture. The city burned down in 1904 and was rebuilt out of brick and stone. Which is different from the rest of Norway where the main building material is wood. Aksla view point is a must! You can either get there on your own and walk the staircase or as part of a tour. We went to the Mount Stranda tour. The views from the mountain are breath taking. In order to get there we took a bus ride, a ferry and then the gondola up to the top. However, the whole tour is just getting to the mountain top and then back. Nothing else. Wish there would be more of a city highlight or other region exploration. Still, h views are unbelievable and one of a kind


This was another good port, one we had visited previously. We chose the HAL excursion, Romsdal & The Troll Path, which lasted 8 hours. It was very worthwhile & interesting - plenty of scenery. We drove through Spjelkavik to Sjoholt Village. I enjoyed the shoreline of Storfjord along the road. We passed Stordal Church, and drove through Liabygd & Valldal. We drove the Troll Path passing a beautiful gorge. In the Trolltindene Mt. at Olav, we stopped for a Norwegian hot & cold buffet lunch. After lunch, we made hairpin bends in the road to Isterdalen Valley. We stopped at the Troll Wall. On our ride back to Alesund, we passed picturesque villages before crossing the Orskog Mt. It was a wonderful experience that i recommend.

Visited: Aug 02, 2017

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I loved Alesund. So easy to explore as the port is immediately next to the town. It was well worth taking the steep steps to the viewpoint over Alesund and taking a stroll around town to see colourful architecture.


I wish we could have stayed here a bit longer - I felt the day was rushed! We had a tour with Norwegian Excursions (Anita) but didn't have time to explore the town at all as we had to be back on the ship at 3pm!

Visited: May 20, 2018

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