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Located along the North Sea, Zeebrugge is located ten miles north of Brugge (Bruges) and serves as its port. The Brugge-Zeebrugge Canal connects the seaside resort with the cultural mecca that is its sister city. Visitors to Brugge will see stunning representations of gothic and roman architecture and collections of Dutch and Belgian art.

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Explore Bruges

Explore Bruges


Your adventure in Bruges begins promptly in the morning, where you will explore the city with a loc...

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Shuttle to Bruges

Shuttle to Bruges


Zeebrugge, a village on the coast of Belgium, is Belgium's most famous fishing village. The old port...

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Private Guide and Driver in Brugge

Private Guide and Driver in Brugge


Your journey begins as you meet up with your private guide and driver for a short ride over to Brug...

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Private World War I Flanders Fields Tour

Private World War I Flanders Fields Tour


Explore eight historic World War I landmarks in Belgium in eight hours on this epic excursion near Z...

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by SFS1974

Really easy to find your way from the port of Zeebrugge to Bruges - it's a short walk from the ship to the tram stop, and then on to the train. Very cheap to do it yourself and train tickets can be downloaded to your mobile so you don't have the hassle of figuring out the ticket machines at the station. Bruges itself is stunning! Very easy to find your way around, it's hard to get lost in this beautiful place. The architecture is out of this world!

Visited: Jun 16, 2019

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by lukehowles

Amazing place absolutely beautiful we went to the beer museum and bought Belgian chocolate.... lots of it 😂 it was amazing I would recommend it to anyone and would love to go again


by mcrossan

Brugge was lovely, busy, but lovely! Went on a riverboat cruise. Bought some cool Christmas tree decorations, Had some chocolate, waffles & beer! What more could you want?

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