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Vienna is a world class city and there is a lot to do and see IF there was enough time. As it was, there is an extensive tour of the major highlights in Vienna with about 1 hr free time. In the Afternoon, there is an optional visit to the Palace which is worth it, especially to see the beautiful garden. In the evening, there is an optional excursion to the symphony which was outstanding

Visited: Aug 28, 2017

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We went to Schonbrun, and then stayed til closing to see more; easy cab back to ship. Then we returned to Vienna for 3 days after the cruise to see everything in the city.

Visited: May 24, 2014

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We loved visiting Vienna with APT, the tour guide was very informative & gave us some free time to enjoy a Vienna coffee and torte whist we took in the city sights. Our first night started with an amazing concert in Palais d'Lichtenstein.


Vienna is gorgeous. Our only problem is the we had 1 full day there, and it just wasn't enough. However, if I told we had 2 days there, I'd still probably say it wasn't enough. It's a huge beautiful, clean, safe place to visit.

Visited: Jul 29, 2018

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