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The fishing village of Tobermory is a must-see for travelers interested in finding the best Scotland has to offer. The magnificent Hebridean Isles provide a scenic backdrop, and you can enjoy the soothing view of Tobermory Bay while golfing, shopping, or sampling the lively local nightlife.

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by JacquiPrice7

Again, I had a walking tour with an excellent guide, who was also very caring as a lot of this involved going up steep hills. Then I went into town and had a look round. I even found a little beach and had a quick paddle!

Visited: Aug 29, 2019

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by egw1

We booked an excursion to see a weaving farm in the southern part of the island and were very excited, since we both work with fabrics quite a bit. Sadly, this was a disappointment. The bus ride was very long and mostly boring. We were under the impression that we would be able to see much of the farm and it's workings. We got ushered into a room where they talked about the large weaving machines for a few minutes, gave us some tea, and sent us to the gift shop. Than it was back on the bus for the very long bus ride back to the ship. We did have a few minutes to walk around before we left. Add to that the problems we had with getting back onboard the ship from the tender (see my comments under Service and Staff) and the awful weather, it wasn't our best day.

Visited: Aug 30, 2019

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