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by conniefive5

Visited Pond du Guad, Pond De Avignon, and the Castle of Caccassonne~ like living in a dream! Going back in time, all places have their own personalities, breath taking. Was a once in a life time trip! So thankful for this opportunity to see them all!


by PamCz

Loved this medieval city...walking around this historical site let’s you imagine life as it was then. Had a great lunch at a cafe near the opera house.

by arandsferguson

Cooking class excursion was mediocre. They made a bread and some cream puffs. I had expected a dish of some kind with a sauce or something. The lunch was mediocre. Appetizer and dessert were ok, but the main dish was broiled cod, which was very undercooked and had an off taste. Very few people ate it. The visits to shops and walk around the city were good. The tour of Arles was interesting with the Roman ruins, but we had expected more about VanGogh. We would have liked to explore on our own, but there was too much walking to get back to the bus

Visited: Aug 23, 2017

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